Coming in May!

Rockport Publishers/Quarry Books, an international publisher of high-quality visual and idea books for design professionals and creative enthusiasts-crafters, artists, and designers (Check out our distinctive books at: is pleased to announce

1000 Artisan Textiles, an upcoming book by Sandra Salamony (author of 1000 Jewelry Inspirations) and Gina M. Brown. See the book on Amazon.

Congratulations, contributors!! The book looks fabulous, and Gina and I hope all of you are very pleased. The publisher will be contacting each artist directly with information on how to purchase their half-price contributor copies. This will happen when their warehouses are fully stocked, which is probably sometime in June. Please feel free to add a link to the amazon page on your websites, so your fans can pre-order copies. And, also please feel free to download the cover PDF for your own promotions.

Download a PDF of the cover here:
Cover PDF